Terror in New York

SEPT. 12 - PARMA - I have few words to say about the horrific tragedy that has been inflicted upon our country. So little is known, except for what happened, and it's too soon to even digest the full enormity of what has transpired. I only hope that, as soon as we find out who orchestrated this atrocity, we act quickly, decisively and with extreme prejudice.

The time is past for us to pursue such madmen through legal and judicial channels, as we did with those who previously tried to bring down the World Trade Center. Now is the time for the world's greatest military to root out and eradicate the vermin who conceptualized and executed this attack, as well as any others who have the means, motive and willingness to commit similar acts in the future. Let the governments of the civilized, free world come together to destroy terrorism once and for all through military - not political - means.

To our concerned friends and family members, I want to assure you that Michelle and I will follow CNN closely and will exercise prudent caution as we continue our travels through Italy. I don't yet know if Americans abroad are in any greater danger than before this tragedy, but we will be as careful as need be.

We're off to Florence tomorrow, so I'm not sure when I'll post our next travel update. This current situation makes any travelogue I may write seem small and insignificant anyway. For now, I'll just close with a prayer for those who lost their lives, and for all the survivors who have been directly affected. May we all come out of this a stronger nation than ever.

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