Virgin Islands, Spring 2006

Diving the wreck of the RMS Rhone

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Heading to the Rhone - St. John in the background

Our first meeting, Mr. Crab

Captain Charlie leads the way under the wreck

The hull of the Rhone, sunk in 1867

Deep inside the hull of the Rhone

One of the Rhone's cannons

Blue striped grunts

Brain coral

The "Grecian columns" of the Rhone

Coral thriving on the reef

Branching tube sponges

Yellow goatfish

Divers explore the wreck

Beautiful surface interval between dives

Salt Island in the background

Beautiful brain coral

Coral reef and divers

More Rhone remains

Sea rod

Sand diver

French grunts

Divers check out the ship's gigantic screw propeller

Fantastic corals

A Spanish hogfish says goodbye

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