Vortexes - or Are They Vortices?

Sedona, Arizona, was high on my list of places to see. Not only because it is a mecca for New Age, spiritual hippie-types (always entertaining), but also for the natural beauty of its surroundings. The city rests squarely in red rock country, within Red Rock State Park and Oak Creek Canyon, some of the state's most gorgeous geography. Giant, rusty red buttes rise up on all sides. The locals believe these monoliths are "vortexes" (to use the guide book's incorrect spelling), points of focus for the earth's electromagnetic energy fields. I never learned exactly why they believe this, nor what effect these vortices purportedly impart, but one can probably find out with enough meditation.

As Santa Fe would be my residence of choice were I to move to New Mexico, so would I call Sedona home if I relocated to Arizona. Like Santa Fe (and like parts of southern California), it has equal parts class and natural beauty. I didn't have a great deal of time to explore the surrounding countryside, but I did take a short hike for a photo op of one of the many buttes. One could spend days here just hiking and enjoying the scenery. I hope to return and do just that some time.

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