Scuba Diving in Cozumel, Mexico

I escaped the bitter East Coast winter for a long weekend by traveling to Cozumel with Oceanblue Divers, a group based in New York City with which I've become involved (including writing for the group's blog, "The Dive Evangelist"). The diving was fantastic, the weather near-perfect, and the company lots of fun. My only complaint: the trip ended far too soon.

Click on pictures for larger-size photos (images will come up in a new pop-up window). You can also watch underwater video clips from this trip.

The hotel welcomes founder Michael Feld and the rest of the group

Cassie and I geared up for our checkout dive

On the way to the first dive site

I was attacked by a shark before even getting wet

Gene's ready for a shark - or boarding an enemy vessel

Exploring the reefs of Palancar Gardens (video)

Spiny lobster

French angelfish

Spotted drum fish


Barracuda (video)

Blue striped grunts

Hawksbill turtle (video)

Big fat green moray eel


Tiger grouper

End of a great dive

Waiting in line

Time for a shore dive

Happy divers

A well-earned beverage

Time for some fun!

Tacos at Ta'Contento


Our hotel's pier

A different kind of diving

Why they call it a "vacation"



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