Joshua Tree Back Roads - Easter Weekend 2003

After pigging out for breakfast Saturday morning, it was time to hit the road. Or, more accurately, it was time to leave it. Following our fearless leader DanaMite, a group of us climbed into three SUVs and began our offroad adventure on Black Eagle Mine Road. The path first greeted us with a staccato washboard vibration, but airing down the tires to 20 psi smoothed out the ride significantly (one of the benefits of having a portable air compressor with which to fill the tires back up afterward).

For me, this was a total escape. Admittedly one of those annoying SUV drivers who never leaves the pavement, I found myself alternately thrilled and tense as the road got progressively rougher. But shotgun rider Lory expertly guided me through the toughest spots, imparting tidbits of technique. It got hairy in a couple of spots, but my gray beast stayed with the others till DanaMite herself dared go no further.

Retracing our tracks through the rocks, washes and trails, we gained asphalt again and drove deeper into the park. At this point, we had still caught no sight of a Joshua Tree. That would soon change, however, as we made for Jumbo Rocks to do some bouldering.

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