Honduras 2004 - Not Married Yet

JAN. 5—I've been in Honduras for almost two weeks now, and I'm still single. That's no surprise to me, but it might shock some of the many people who joked that I would come back married. For reasons which escape me, quite a few friends and family members poked fun at me, saying this trip was a quest for a bride. Perhaps it was because I would visit an ex-girlfriend who I hadn't seen for 21 years. Perhaps it was because I was going to travel around the country with a single, attractive woman. Or maybe they think I'm just single and desperate, and am looking for love wherever I can find it.

It was indeed nice to see Mayra again, two decades later. Even after all this time, I was reminded of why she attracted me back then. She not only has beauty, but also a glowing, upbeat outlook on life. Someone who laughs as much as she does finds only the best in any person or situation. But our love was an innocent, puppy love many years ago, and all that remains is a special friendship.

Traveling with Karla has definitely been an adventure, and I've gotten to know her well. She came down with a serious cold during my first week, so I saw her quiet side (apparently rarely seen) as she recuperated. Gaining her strength just in time for New Year's Eve, the "real" Karla reemerged. At the center of her group of friends, she danced the night away—not until the middle of the night, not until dawn, but until the afternoon of New Year's Day! (Needless to say, I didn't even survive for half that time.) I'm single, Karla's eligible, but again, there's nothing there beyond the cariño of a brother and sister.

And desperate? No, not there yet. And even if I were, why would I travel a couple of thousand miles to find a bride, when I could mail-order one from the former Soviet Union? No, the jokers must remain silent. I still have a few days left, but I have no plans to return with a Honduran bride.

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