Flying High on the Hog

AUG. 29 - SOMEWHERE OVER GREENLAND - As we flew into the sunset and back out through the sunrise at the other side, Michelle realized that it's not flying she dislikes, but flying coach. We were lucky enough to get upgraded to business class, and our seats had more controls than the ultra-adjustable seats in my Explorer. And although the ride was at times as bumpy as my Explorer, we both agreed that we were living high on the hog. Indeed, this was no ordinary plane ride. A glass of champagne before we even left the gate; a 3-course meal of foie gras, filet mignon and prailine cheesecake; and a grab-bag full of goodies like eye shades, socks and a little toothbrush. The stewardess even gave us a bottle of wine to take with us. Watching "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" on my personal video screen, I could only pity the crouching fliers hidden back in coach.

We were somewhat less than impressed with Charles de Gaulle airport. For a city famous for its gorgeous architecture, the airport more closely resembled a penitentiary than an airport terminal. And as we rode the Metro into the city, I was amazed by the amount of graffiti on all of the railside walls (though Michelle made the accurate observation that much of it reached the level of "art," unlike the filth in Los Angeles). But once we made it to Paris proper, we were not disappointed. Our friend Taylor's flat (where we are staying) is located just a block from Place de la Bastille, and the Parisian streets look exactly like I had imagined them. Nevermind that I got stuck in the Metro turnstile with my large backpack like the stupid American that I am; we're excited about our stay in the City of Light.

Having just slept off our jet lag, we're off to explore this beautiful city! Au revoir....

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