Cross-Country Move to Virginia
Fall 2005

Three thousand miles. At first, I hurried through the western states, just trying to make time. Somewhere about halfway, I started slowing down to see the sights. And see them I did: everything from country music kitsch to terrorism memorials, geological wonders to historic buildings. And wherever I went, I saw trucks. Semis, tractor trailers, 18-wheelers, whatever you want to call them. They were my constant companions. I have a new appreciation for our country's transportation and logistical capabilities.

If you didn't follow my journey through my blog, "West Meets East," browse the travel journals below. I shot well over 200 photos, but still regret all the ones I didn't take. It's hard to pull off the road for a split-second photo op when you're surrounded by 18-wheel behemoths. But you'll find the best of the ones I did take in the galleries below.

Travel Journals

First Stop, Flagstaff
Day Two
Local Flavors
Hot Springs, Cold Blues
Thank God, I'm a Country Boy
Timing is Everything

Photo Galleries

Scenes from the Road
The Journey, Step by Step

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