Mediterranean Paradise

SEPT. 22 - CAPRI - I have a list in my head of all the unusual things I want to do and all the exotic places I want to visit before I die. The list includes going on an African safari (done), climbing Mt. Everest (it won't happen), setting foot on Antarctica, diving on the wreck of the Titanic (in a submersible) and more. This trip I got to strike another goal off this list: swimming in the Mediterranean.

Loving the ocean as much as I do, I have long been seduced by the clear, azure waters of the Mediterranean that I've seen in countless movies and pictures. When Michelle suggested we escape Naples for a couple of days and go to the island of Capri off the coast, I leapt at the opportunity. And Capri not only met my high expectations, it far exceeded them. The place is a true Mediterranean paradise. The volcanic geology of the island creates magical grottoes along the water and dramatic cliffs towering above it all. The upscale town offers everything from gelato to gourmet meals and kitschy shops to designer boutiques. And of course, the bright blue water is crystal clear -- and if you enjoy snorkeling as I do, the dramatic geology continues underwater in caves, crevices and rocky reefs.

We had not even been in Capri a day when we began talking about returning. For those of you familiar with Catalina Island, off the coast of California, Capri is the mold from which it was cast -- but Catalina is a mere shadow of Capri. We lamented the fact that we only had two nights here, but at least our abbreviated visit made our chances of a return trip all the more certain.

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