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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fall travel deals

Lacking time to write anything substantial tonight, I thought I'd share some fall travel deals that came through my Inbox today from Travel Zoo.

Caribbean & Mexico From Across the U.S.
Fares start from $80 for travel through December 10 (book by September 12).

Fourth Night Free at El Conquistador

Some great deals at one of the nicest resorts on Puerto Rico (also book by September 12).

Virgin Atlantic to London as Low as $226 Each Way
I didn't price out a sample ticket, so I don't know what these low fares will actually amount to after taxes (which can add a lot on flights to London), but this is still really low for fares to London that I've seen in recent months.

Low Fares to Central America
Considering that Central America is a fantastic budget destination in these harder economic times, this looks like a great way to put together a cheap trip to somewhere like Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatamala or Nicaragua.



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