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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I finally ate in Chinatown

Chinatown is about as much a part of New York as Little Italy, Central Park or the Empire State Building, yet it took me a year to finally go there to eat. Not for lack of desire; it just didn't work out till now. We're both fanatical about Mexican food, so that's always the fallback. We live in Brooklyn, so it's often easier to eat there. We have to drive through Chinatown traffic to get to the Holland Tunnel when we want to escape the city, so there's no incentive to stop then.

But finally, last week, we found ourselves downtown at small claims court (as spectators). Our friend's case got postponed, so we wandered out into nearby Chinatown for dinner. My, what I've been missing this past year! Being a group of five, we ordered family style and got a variety of dishes.

The pork & crab dumplings we started with were scrumptious, as well as fun to eat. First, put sauce into the bottom of a soup spoon. Then gently grab the tied-off top of the dumpling and lay it into the spoon (careful, or you'll rip it open). Next, delicately bite a small hole into the lower half of the dumpling and suck the soup out of the interior. When you've sucked it all out, pop the whole thing into your mouth and enjoy!

The rest of the table was covered with plates of General Tsao's chicken, shrimp & meat sauce, Singapore noodles, some type of eggplant dish and more goodies. I've never claimed to be good at writing about food, so all I can really say is "Yum!" It was fantastic, and unlike eating at the typical fast-food Chinese joint, I didn't feel bloated afterward. Just pleasantly, satisfyingly stuffed. Like a human dumpling.

I won't wait another year before I go back!

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