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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Where I'd like to go

Much of my travel in the past couple of years has centered around scuba diving, and has taken me to such places as Cozumel (Mexico), Roatan (Honduras) and Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles). While there are many other dive destinations I'd like to visit, my travel wish list includes many non-diving destinations.

Here's a list of some of the places I'd like to visit, along with a brief explanation of why.

Spain. No city in particular, but perhaps Barcelona and the Balearic Islands for starters. I've wanted to visit Spain since my high school Spanish class, and this desire led me to apply to the American Field Service in my junior year. AFS sent me to Honduras instead, so I still haven't made it to Spain.

Scandinavia. I could probably spend several weeks traveling through Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland and never have to pay for a hotel room. My father made many friends in Norway during his years in international business, and I have a number of friends scattered throughout the rest of the region. Someday soon, I need to take advantage of these connections.

New Zealand. I am a Lord of the Rings fan, but the country's scenery appeals more to my outdoor adventure sensibilities than to the nerd within. From friends who have gone and TV programs I've seen, I know I'd love exploring that beautiful country.

South Pacific. From what I've heard and read, comparing the scuba diving in the Caribbean to that of the South Pacific is like comparing the amusement park section of your county fair to Six Flags. The only thing that has held me back before now is the cost. I feel a trip like that needs at least two weeks (costly in terms of vacation time), and the air fare itself is very pricey. So for now, places like Palau, Fiji and Papua New Guinea will stay on the wish list.

Antarctica. Like the South Pacific, this one will likely stay on the wish list for awhile (unless I win the lottery). I've already been face-to-face (more like beak-to-knee) with Emperor penguins, thanks to my time working as a diver at Sea World. But someday I'd like to set foot on this continent and see its otherworldly landscape in person. (And, yes, I want to go diving here too.)

Where would you like to go? And why?

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