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Ladegaard Fails to Factor Rule 5-200 in O'Reilly Editorial
"If Feldman and Boyce knew that Westerfield had killed seven-year-old Danielle van Dam, then it is axiomatic that they knew that any alternative scenario they suggested could not have happened
in other words, was false."
Motions, University of San Diego School of Law, 2002

Qualcomm Stadium: Is San Diego Supercharged or Overcharged?
"Essentially, if the Chargers and the city cannot agree on an amendment to the contract which offsets the economic factors causing the renegotiation in the first place, the Chargers have the right to terminate the contract. In plain terms, the organization can say `pay up or we're outta here.'"
Motions, University of San Diego School of Law, 2002

Don't Tread on Me—Or I'll Sue
"These days, murderers no longer act alone; they share the blame with the parents who abused them, the drug dealer who doped them up, and the gun manufacturer who pulled the trigger."
Los Angeles Times, 1999

Y2K is the "Ctrl-Alt-Del" of the Information Age
"If our lives were computers, then Windows would be the perfect metaphor for our society.", 1999

Marketing/Business Copy

Millennium Trends: What to Look For in 2000 and Beyond
"A revolution in technology, a proliferation of new financial services and products, and the aging generation of baby boomers all promise to irreversibly alter the face of our society—and our economy—in the coming decade."
Emerald Publications, 2000

The State of Estate Taxes
"Historical evidence points to death taxes in feudal England, Imperial Rome and even ancient Egypt. Here in the United States, the nation's first estate tax was instituted in 1797 to pay for an undeclared war on France."
Emerald Publications, 2001

Press Release: Total Escape Explores "Ghost Towns to Graveyards" This Halloween
"This Halloween, while community fright fests and haunted amusement parks offer cheap thrills, Total Escape Adventures will seek out the real ghost towns and spooky graveyards of California's past."
Total Escape Adventures, 2003

Online Copy: Redesign
Instructional copy to explain functionality of newly redesigned site.
Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 2000

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