Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Those who have followed my ongoing cultural adjustment to the East Coast, whether through my infrequent blog postings or in-person commentary, know that I don't always have positive things to say. To avoid seeming too judgmental, I try to make a point of mentioning the good things whenever possible. Take, for instance, fireflies. I went my whole life without ever seeing one of these marvelous creatures until I came out to Virginia. I couldn't believe my eyes when I finally saw one. During my many dives, I have seen some amazing creatures underwater. But I think I can honestly say that the firefly is the most magical animal I have ever seen in my life. I feel like a child again every time I see one. Southern California may have some things that the East Coast lacks, but it ain't got fireflies!


Blogger usamctwo said...

As with other Hoosiers you may know, fireflies are a part of summertime. Mayonnaise jars with holes poked in the lid kept them going at least 24 hours....

July 3, 2007 5:48 PM  

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