Thursday, April 19, 2007


Appalling. Shameful. Disgusting. That's what I think of NBC News and all the other news organizations spewing out the audio, video and photographs of the Virginia Tech shooter. The pain that the killer inflicted is not enough. Now the news media spits in the faces of the victims and their families by broadcasting this animal's rants, just like he wanted them to do. The lack of respect, the utter greed disgusts me. The impression I get is the news organizations as rabid zombies, hunching over the bodies of the dead and peering out with soulless eyes, faces covered in blood as they feed on the victims of this tragedy.

I blame the news media for contributing to America's culture of violence, which bred this killer in the first place. Let a mass murderer spew his vitriol on the air waves, show executions and dead bodies, prattle on incessantly about body counts in Iraq, but God forbid we see one nipple on television. Something is rotten when a culture finds nudity and sexual content so offensive, but allows all manner of violence to play out on its television and movie screens. In this way, at least, America really is the bloodthirsty, amoral cesspool that much of the rest of the world considers it.


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