Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Spring has sprung here on the East Coast. Most of the trees are still barren, but the "early risers" have exploded in riotous bursts of blossoms. I don't have any idea what most of them are (cherry trees, perhaps?), but they are gorgeous. And then there are the daffodils. The George Washington Parkway, a charming strip of road that follows the water on the Virginia side of the Potomac, is lined with thousands of daffodils, the lush green stems and brilliantly colorful flowers virtually screaming "Spring is here!" Last winter -- my first East Coast winter -- the starkly barren deciduous trees covering the Virginia landscape had a depressing impact on me, so used to evergreens as I was. This winter, I barely noticed. Maybe I'm finally getting used to things out here. I can't wait for them all to leaf out, though. If it's one thing Virginia has an abundance of, it's trees. And when they're all green, they are beautiful indeed.


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