R & R. Whether that meant "Rest & Relaxation," "Renewal & Rejuvenation" or "Rum & Rocks," that was what the week was all about. Webster's defines "vacation" as "a period of rest from work," and that was just what we got. Our daily routine went something like this: wake up, breakfast, swim, read, cruise around in powerboat, swim, have a beer, swim, take a nap, swim, take a hike, fish, swim, have a cocktail, eat dinner, chat, look at stars, go to bed." Pure relaxation: truly 'The Good Life.'

This campsite in Padre Bay was worth the 2 hours it took to find it.

The ones to whom we owe all of our wonderful memories.

This writer's favorite time of every day on Lake Powell: Cocktail Hour.

"Yo quiero nachos y margaritas!"

Yes, there really were 15 of us on that 'little' houseboat.

The kids pose for the cameras on our last night (in Gunsight Bay).

We were treated to some spectacular sunsets.

Los Hombres: Denny, Mike, Chuck and Rick.

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