The approach to Rainbow Bridge National Monument through Forbidding Canyon was almost as exciting as seeing the bridge itself. High walls enclosed the narrow canyon, and the waters were rough from the constant boat traffic in and out of the place. The bridge itself was an awe-inspiring sight. Over twelve stories high and more than 300 feet in length, it is considered a sacred site by the Navajo Indians.

Rainbow Bridge: the world's largest natural bridge.
[Look closely and you'll see tiny people underneath the arch.]

Uh-oh, the sign says 'No Pets.' "Back to the boat, kids."

"Rainbow Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down...."

Mike finally got the halo he has so long deserved.

Beautiful sight, isn't it? And the bridge isn't too bad either.

Yes, we ALL took our own pictures in front of the bridge.

Looking back down Forbidding Canyon, the
Rainbow Bridge guest dock is visible.

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