From the moment we beached ourselves in Padre Bay and set up camp, I wanted to hike Cookie Jar Butte. It looked so deceptively easy from the other side of the bay: just a short jaunt up the side of the hill. It turned out to be quite a workout... not just a steep climb, but also a treacherous and slippery one. But what a view! It was worth every drop of sweat.

Cookie Jar Butte in Padre Bay... just waiting to be hiked.

On our final approach in the dinghy. Looks easy, right?

So far, so good... (the red arrow points to Michelle; she's waving).

Not even halfway there, and already the dinghy's the size of a pea.

Michelle hates me by this point, and she's ready to turn back.

"We made it! I'm King of the World!"

"Dream on, wise guy. Last time you talk me into a hike like this."

It was well worth it (but maybe next time they'll have an escalator).

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