A playground for kids and adults alike, Lake Powell offered a host of activities for the child in all of us. Whether it was sliding down the houseboat's slide, riding the innertube, cruising around in the dinghy or powerboat, hiking around the rocks, or simply relaxing in the sun, there was no shortage of fun things to do.

A floating playhouse (that's Paul in the lower left).

Dad caught the Big One (or so he'd like us to believe).

Just another day of swimming and sliding.

"Kollin Knieval" rips it up on the innertube.

The Water Princess in her element.

Collin digs into "David Copperfield." Next, "War and Peace."

Rick and Deborah take a dip in Cathedral Canyon.

Jigsaw puzzles: the Pastime that became an Obsession.

OK, well... nothing can be fun ALL the time....

"Excuse me, do you mind? I'm trying to enjoy my mudbath."

"Hey, cool. I can make bubbles."

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