Memories to Last a Lifetime
   Like most memorable experiences, it started with a bang. No sooner did the houseboat leave the dock than a first-class thunderstorm rolled over Lake Powell. Kids were screaming, the Skipper was stressing, the boat was pitching. And out in point position, scouting for any port in a storm, the powerboat fared even worse. It rode the wind waves like a dune buggy in the desert – only it was buckets of water, not sand, that flew into the faces of its occupants.

   But, like a taskmaster testing those who would sail upon her waters, the lake soon calmed, and the sun shone down brightly for the rest of the week. And what a magical week it was. Words can’t do justice to the beauty and majesty of Lake Powell; it’s a sight to be experienced, not described. Wide-open waters for swimming, boating and skiing; narrow, high-walled canyons barely wide enough for a powerboat; a majestic yet alien landscape tailor-made for rock climbers and artists. Crosby Canyon, Padre Bay, Cornerstone Canyon, Cathedral Canyon, Gunsight Bay: the week was wonderful, but much too short.

   What made the vacation truly special, though, was spending quality time with each other. The opportunities for such a large family to get together for more than a few hours at a time are few and far between. When such occasions do come around, they build memories to last a lifetime.

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  • Children At Play
    Collin, Mackenzie, Karlee, Kelley, Paul & Kimberlee all had the time of their lives, but the Big Kids had their fair share of play time too.
  • Mike and Michelle's Excellent Adventure
    Just where did Mike and Michelle go that morning in Padre Bay? They conquered Cookie Jar Butte, and here are the photos to prove it.
  • Rainbow Bridge National Monument
    Just getting to this natural bridge through narrow Forbidding Canyon was half the fun.
  • The Good Life
    Good people, good food, good fun: here are a few scenes from the vacation of a lifetime.
  • Pre-Powell Sightseeing
    As if a week on a houseboat wasn't enough fun, there were also Laughlin, the Grand Canyon, and a wacky ice cream parlor in Seligman, Arizona.
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