Thanks to the tremendous generosity of our parents, our family enjoyed a relaxing vacation in Hawaii this summer. We knew we would be staying in a house on the beach, but all of our jaws hit the sand when we saw what a huge estate our parents had rented for us. With two large pools, a hot tub, sauna, a large "guest cottage," a tennis court and more, it really was "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous"! The eleven adults were loving it, but the kids were truly in heaven. They spent more time swimming than much of Hawaii's native marine life.

Some of the highlights of our week included dinner at Duke's, brunch at the Turtle Bay Hilton, and Michelle's "Cuban Night." Other memorable experiences included a burglarized rental car, torrential rain on the highway, and a 2-hour snorkeling escapade in search of Jimmy's glasses. But the fondest memories we all brought home were the empty hours of pure relaxation, doing nothing but swimming, napping and enjoying each others' company.

Chuck and Peggy, thank you for another memorable family vacation. Your love and generosity inspires us all.

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Kids' Playground
Kelley the psychic, Collin as "Mouse Girl," Kimberlee "The Rock" Kiefer, and more...

Family Memories
Put a large family in one house for a week and you'll have plenty of memories...

Scenic Beauty
Hawaii's natural wonders were impressive, and started in our own backyard...


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