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Monday, December 12, 2005

A Miserable Evening

Last Saturday night, CJ treated me to a positively miserable evening.

Heading into D.C. through a snow-carpeted winterscape, we made our first stop at Butterfield 9, a posh restaurant a couple of blocks from the White House. We started with a pair of delicious appetizers, though inattentive service kept us hungry for longer than it should have. CJ enjoyed a succulent Virginia veal confit, while I defrosted with a savory butternut squash soup. Next came a rack of lamb for CJ and a beef filet for me, perfectly paired with a couple of glasses of excellent red wine. We were on a timetable, but found a few minutes to enjoy a piece of blackberry shortcake.

After our meal, we took a stroll through the brisk nighttime air, down to our destination on Pennsylvania Avenue, the National Theatre. With just minutes to spare, we found our seats for a performance of Les Miserables. Though I love theater—whether musical, opera, or stage play—I had never seen this show, called by many the best musical ever. The story, set in pre-Revolution France, dealt with such universal themes as redemption, mercy and liberty. And it illustrated a truth that I firmly believe in, that life is shades of gray.

I’ve owned the CD soundtrack to this show for years, but seeing the music come to life onstage was a truly wonderful experience. In fact, that’s how I would describe the evening overall. Who would have thought a miserable evening could be so much fun?


Anonymous UnderwaterAngel said...

I saw that show on Broadway. I always loved the music and seeing the show was incredible.

Sometimes bad things make you appreciate the good ones so much more....

3:38 PM  

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