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Thursday, November 24, 2005

White Thanksgiving

I've been dreaming of a White Christmas, but I never imagined I'd have a White Thanksgiving! Last night, after dark, snowflakes began floating down from the sky. My first snow since moving out here! Those of you who have lived through snowy winters will probably laugh at me and rightly mock me for being excited about something that will give me headaches by February and March. Especially since the snow that fell last night was already gone by the morning.

But it is a milestone of sorts. As an occasional skier, I'm no stranger to snow, but I have never lived for an extended period in a place that gets snow (other than the brutal winter months I spent north of Chicago in Navy boot camp). So, naive though I may be, this first snowfall excites me! Laugh all you want... CJ already has....

Happy Thanksgiving!

Picture postcard view of the front of CJ's townhouse


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