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This blog chronicles my adventures as I leave my native California and travel east to northern Virginia to start a new life. I can only imagine the funny stories I'll recount here as I experience a wildly different climate, culture and way of life.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Die is Cast

I've given notice to my employer and my landlord. I've announced my departure to family and friends. I've told the utility companies to shut me off. I'm about to sell all the possessions I can't fit into my SUV. In short, the die is cast. If my life were a manuscript, I'd be typing this chapter's last sentence, about to put a new, blank sheet in the typewriter.

So how do I feel? Excited? Nervous? Sad? Expectant? Exhausted? Sure, all of those. But if I had to pick one word, probably "impatient." I have needed a change since long before I met CJ. Those who know me know that. Meeting and falling in love with a woman who lives 3,000 miles away was random serendipity—or was it? Maybe if I weren't so open to change, I wouldn't have answered the door when opportunity came knocking. I've gone through big changes before: spending a year in Honduras in high school, joining the Navy, moving to new cities where I didn't know anyone, going to law school. But I've never felt so ready to start the next chapter as I do now. It's like I've spent the last three years spinning my wheels, and now, finally, I feel rubber grabbing asphalt.

So yes, in a word, I'm impatient. It's time to cast off the bowline. Put it in gear. Take the plunge. Get the show on the road. (And, above all, it's time to kill the clichés.) Adventure lies ahead, stagnancy behind. Come with me via this blog as I write the first words of life's next chapter.


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