December 28, 2003

By Michael Strickland

The Year in Travel

As the year (and this column) winds down, I look back on what 2003 held in store for me. Though a number of things didn't work out as I had intended this year, one aspect of my life did live up to expectations. My love of travel has grown with every year, and 2003 gave me a smorgasbord of opportunities to get away and visit places I've never been.

I started off the year (and, again, this column) on the road through the American Southwest, seeing the natural beauty of Arizona and New Mexico. In April, I joined a group of adventurers on a Total Escape excursion to Joshua Tree National Park, which proved to be the catalyst for the rest of my travels this year. Through friendships made on that trip, I made numerous trips to Baja California: the Baja 500, Mike's Sky Ranch, Guadalupe Canyon, Ensenada, Baja's wine country, Cabo San Lucas and more. I also slept amongst the pines of Big Bear three times within a one-month period; camped and hiked in the Laguna Mountains as long as my allergies allowed me; and explored sites like Onion Valley and Fossil Falls along Highway 395, east of the Sierra Nevada.

Long have I enjoyed camping, but long it has been since I've camped as much as I did this year. With the addition of a new Coleman camp stove and sleeping bag to my collection of gear, 2004 promises to maintain this trend. More than anything, I hope to return to Europe this coming year, though my employment and financial situation will have to factor in to the feasibility of such an opportunity.

But most of all, I want to make real strides in an area which I've neglected in 2003. Though I've done lots of traveling, and have written up most of the trips for my personal edification on my travel site, I've made little serious effort at publishing any travel articles. I've made the trips, I've done the writing; I just haven't taken the few extra steps to tailor my writings to specific publications and start sending out queries. It's a goal I intended to work towards when I dropped out of law school. The recognition of my love for writing and travel helped me make that decision last January. Now, it's time to follow through.

So it remains to be seen what awaits me in 2004, but whatever else happens, it will surely involve lots of writing and traveling!

My travel site has been updated with content and photos from most of the year's travels. Take a moment to pay a visit.


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