December 16, 2003

By Michael Strickland


When confronted with a blank page after a long weekend full of travels, I sometimes consume the white space like a starving man at a smorgasbord. Other times, I find myself in need of the literary form of Metamucil. I sit, I sit and still I sit, but the words just don't come. So it seems after this past weekend's excursion to Baja's Guadalupe Canyon. Though I managed to scratch out a brief summary of the trip, composing anything beyond mere fluff just wasn't happening.

Why? Is it just garden-variety writer's block? Too soon after the weekend's activities to digest it all? Too much pressure from work and other outside stresses? I thought about it yesterday, on the drive home, and concluded that my compositional constipation was a good thing. If I find myself having trouble writing about a camping trip, perhaps it wasn't newsworthy. And if it wasn't newsworthy, it was probably relaxing. The reasoning may be imprecise, but after looking at it from that perspective, I realized just what a relaxing weekend I did indeed have.

The irony arose when I returned home to hear about what was possibly the most newsworthy event of the year: the capture of Saddam Hussein. The last time I spent a restful weekend in the hot tubs of Guadalupe Canyon, I came back to find southern California on fire. It seems, then, that the newsworthiness of travels to Baja and events back in the "real world" are inversely proportional.

I can only imagine what will happen next time I disconnect and venture off the beaten path south of the border. One thing's for sure, it's sure to be newsworthy.


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