December 12, 2003

By Michael Strickland

Old Memories

When I'm lacking inspiration for this daily column (or any writing), I open all the doors and windows of my mind wide and hope that the breeze blows something in. This morning, while getting ready for my weekend trip to Guadalupe Canyon in Baja, I had some music playing. A line from a cheeseball Night Ranger song drifted into my head and stuck. "No good for an old memory to mean so much today." That's quite a bit of wisdom packed into the lyrics of a 1980s hair band ballad.

I've written about retrospection and nostalgia here before. I'm no stranger to sentimentality, and sometimes pine for days and people long gone. Looking back like this can be especially attractive during hard times. But there's a line that's crossed when one moves beyond looking back on cherished memories and begins living in the past. That's what Night Ranger was talking about. It's "no good." Which I guess means not only that it's not good to do, but also that it's useless, pointless.

For what are we, but the sum total of our life experiences? If we live in the past, we cease to grow, we cease to become. Metaphorically speaking, at least, that's like being undead—neither alive nor dead. And living in old memories is like wandering around a twilit underworld, where the people are shadows and the only colors are shades of gray.

The future, similarly, is a fogbank, impenetrable and colorless, unknowable. But life in the present is a prismatic explosion of experiences to be savored, from the hug of a loved one to the chirp of a bird outside the window. So next time the temptation to immerse yourself in the past arises, walk outside and smell the wet earth after a rainstorm. Run your fingers through the leaves and branches of a tree. Turn your face toward the sun. Good advice that I think I'll take.

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