December 7, 2003

By Michael Strickland

Letters to the Editor

Since I began writing this blog last January, I have received occasional email correspondence from total strangers, who write to express their reactions (mostly favorable) to the articles I have written. Such "letters to the editor" thrill me, for it tells me that more people than I would have guessed are finding and reading my column. Perhaps more significantly, it demonstrates that the search engines are consuming my writings on a regular basis. For example, a Google search on "Man-Eaters of Tsavo" brings up my column on the very subject within the first twenty results.

A high school student named Michael Strickland expressed agreement with my editorial "Don't Tread on Me" (originally published in the L.A. Times). Someone from U.C. Santa Cruz complained about the "Hollywoodization" of the historical scholarship surrounding the legend of King Arthur, in response to my article about the upcoming Jerry Bruckheimer movie. And just tonight, a teenaged employee of a southern California grocery store (she called herself a scab, but I can't bring myself to use the derogatory word) chimed in on last Friday's missive against the grocery strike.

But the prize for most entertaining goes to a gentleman from Germany whose name bears a distinct similarity to the title of this blog. He recently wrote to voice his indignation that his circle of friends mistakenly thought he was the author of the "utterly conservative" opinions that frequently appear here. It's entirely possible that he was pulling my leg, but his long letter proved quite stimulating and amusing. Best of all, I learned that "the Strick" means "the hanging" in German... so I thank all of you, my loyal readers, who tune in for the execution every day.

But you don't have to be a stranger to write a letter to the editor. Take a moment to express your opinion on the topics I write about, or to let me know what you think of the past year's writings. This blog has been an interesting experiment, and it will soon come to a close. Give me your two cents while you still can, lest you become the subject of the next daily hanging.


Click here to see the full correspondence of the Berlin-San Diego correspondence between Simon Strick and The Daily Strick.


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What is "The Daily Strick"?

I have long called myself a writer, but too often I don't do what a writer must do daily: write. So you, dear reader, are the beneficiary of my resolution to make a positive change in at least one area of my life. Every single day of this new year (almost), I will write something, anything, and post it here. It is my intention to use this daily exercise to jump-start my too-long-dormant creative energies, and perhaps generate some worthwhile material this year. Hopefully you will find at least an occasional amusement or insight in my daily musings.

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