November 28, 2003

By Michael Strickland

Family Willow

As I sit here in my father's office to do my daily writing exercise, I look out into the front yard. My eyes find the green and golden leaves of the willow tree sitting in the middle of the circular driveway. This is no ordinary tree; it is a family tree, planted with love and nursed from its fragile youth into its strong and growing adolescence. It is a memorial tree, planted during the early 1990s, when my family experienced loss after loss.

First was my grandfather, my father's father, who passed away after a long illness. My other grandfather was next, followed scarcely a year later by his wife. Then both of my father's brothers, my uncles, one drowning in a Caribbean hurricane, the other dying of alcoholism. Not long thereafter, my last surviving grandparent, my father's mother, fell and hit her head, passing away not long thereafter. With her death, my father lost the last member of his immediate family, making a terrible loss all the harder to bear.

At some point during this long period of tragedy, the willow tree was planted, and some of the ashes of these dearly departed family members were interred at the base of the tree. A delicate weeping willow standing in the midst of hardy oaks certainly seems out of place. It invites contemplation and remembrance with its drooping branches.

As I celebrate this Thanksgiving holiday with the members of my wonderful family, my thoughts turn backward to the treasured times I spent with my grandparents and uncles. They are often missed, and the willow ensures they are not forgotten.


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