November 19, 2003

By Michael Strickland

Tutankhamen: Page One

Another "rerun" day... this is the first page of an unfinished script about King Tut. Original writings begin again tomorrow.


A copper sun beats down on the Egyptian desert. From a canyon cutting through the sand, a cloud of dust rises.

SOUNDS FADE UP from the canyon... shouts of triumph, cries of fear, moans of dying men: the language of COMBAT.

Within the bleached-white arroyo, a small band of Hittite CHARIOTEERS battles the Egyptian HOPLITES manning a small border outpost.

Amidst clouds of dust and the splatter of blood and sweat, swords CLANG and bowstrings SING.


runs down a fleeing Egyptian foot soldier, cutting his legs out from underneath him.


fires down at the Hittites with the last of his arrows. Next to him, his dead comrades hang over the side of the battlements. Suddenly, a Hittite arrow


and finds his chest. He slumps down, joining his fellow archers in death.

On the other side of the canyon, a WOUNDED EGYPTIAN SOLDIER heaves with all his might on an overturned chariot. Righting the vehicle, he hops aboard and whips the horse into motion. He races down the canyon.

A Hittite archer lets loose a volley of arrows, but they miss their mark. The fleeing soldier rounds a bend and escapes.

As the dust settles, not one Egyptian soldier remains alive.


©2003 Michael Strickland ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

What is "The Daily Strick"?

I have long called myself a writer, but too often I don't do what a writer must do daily: write. So you, dear reader, are the beneficiary of my resolution to make a positive change in at least one area of my life. Every single day of this new year (almost), I will write something, anything, and post it here. It is my intention to use this daily exercise to jump-start my too-long-dormant creative energies, and perhaps generate some worthwhile material this year. Hopefully you will find at least an occasional amusement or insight in my daily musings.

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