November 16, 2003

By Michael Strickland

Back to the Grind

My vacation week at an end, I sit here waiting for my flight with that exhausted-satisfied-expectant feeling that comes at the end of most vacations. Exhausted from a week of play in a hot and humid climate. Satisfied by the much-needed rest and relaxation. Expectant of a return to the routine of daily life.

In our overworked culture, vacations come with a great deal of anticipation. Such anticipation helps us through long and stressful work days, giving us something to look forward to. Long before the vacation starts, we research our destination, living vicariously through the accounts of travel writers and guidebook descriptions. On the day of travel, we feel like a child on Christmas Day.

By the end of the vacation, whether the holiday failed or exceeded expectations, we often feel ready to return to the daily grind. That's not to say we look forward to getting back to the stress of work and the monotony of traffic jams. But after living out of a suitcase for a week or more, eating out all the time, sometimes drinking too much, getting too much sun and playing too hard, the simplicity of staying home has an appeal all its own. The anticipation of returning to the daily routine may not run as high nor burn as strong as the expectancy of the vacation itself, but little things like watching the news or feeding the cat can seem attractive.

I've had a great week, and I'm not looking forward to jumping back into another 60-hour work week, but at least I feel re-energized and ready to tackle whatever life throws at me—at least this week.


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