November 11, 2003

By Michael Strickland

Veterans' Day

As I sit here poolside in Cabo San Lucas, soaking up the sun and nursing a hangover, thousands of servicemen and women work in harm's way over in Iraq and elsewhere. I imagine few, if any, of the Americans lounging here at the pool, pounding down drinks from the swim-up bar, are thinking about the members of our military today. Veterans' Day is one of those holidays that gets little recognition, just as service people themselves don't get anywhere near the recognition that they deserve. But it is thanks to their service that I and every other American can enjoy the fruits of our labor at home and abroad.

Even now, after military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan destroyed two of the most oppressive regimes in the world, most of the public's attention is focused on the supposed ineffectiveness of the Bush administration's prosecution of the War on Terror. The critics claim to care about the welfare of the troops who continue to fall victim to homicidal attacks, but in reality, such tragic casualties are as much a political tool for those critics as the economy or unemployment rate. The service of our military members has become politicized to the point where outrageous parallels between Iraq and Vietnam have been drawn.

Though Veterans' Day this year comes at the beginning of what promises to be an election year full of vitriolic rhetoric, I hope most Americans take a moment to praise or thank the next serviceman or woman that they meet. Differing opinions of the Bush administration's handling of the war may abound, but our military men and woman are just doing the job they signed up to do: protect America's freedom, so we can take a week off from our daily toil and drink piña coladas at the swim-up bar.


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