November 10, 2003

By Michael Strickland

Cabo Bound

It's been a long, 70-hour work week... and a long nine months of such long hours since my decision to withdraw from law school. I've done weekend trips here and there, but with travel time factored in, the excursions have felt almost too rushed to really be called vacations.

Not so this week, when I travel down to the tip of the Baja peninsula with friends for a week of relaxation in Cabo San Lucas. Mesmerized by photographs of the area's scenic beauty, I have long wanted to visit Cabo. Clear blue water, the rocks and famous arch of Land's End, luxurious resorts and más tequila! For years, I've heard about Mexico's resort towns, but have never traveled beyond Ensenada (except for a visit to Guadalajara). Now, I get to see if Cabo is like an inexpensive Hawaii with Mexican flavor, or an overgrown Mexican tourist trap with too much American flavor. I'd prefer the former, but since all I plan to do is go scuba diving, drink margaritas by the pool and hit the bars, it doesn't really matter to me. There will be other opportunities to discover the "real" Mexico. Right now, I just want to relax and blow off steam.

Though this column won't be updated this week, I'll continue to write each day, and will post the entire week's columns upon my return. Until then, vayan con Dios.

Photo credit: Dana Williams


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