November 9, 2003

By Michael Strickland


Today, Doug Flutie put the "stun" in "stunning victory," leading the San Diego Chargers to a rollicking steamroll over the Minnesota Vikings. Racking up a season-high 42 points to Minnesota's 28, the Chargers scored one point less in today's game than they did in the last three games combined. Flutie performed like a man on fire, throwing completion after completion and scurrying into the end zone himself for two of the Chargers' six touchdowns.

After each spectacular play made by Flutie, I found myself thinking, "Why now? Why not three games ago?" If the Chargers played like they did last week and today under Flutie's leadership for the entire season, this team could have gone to the playoffs. As it stands now, the best they could end would be 9-7, and that's only if they were to win all of their remaining games.

The Chargers organization has said time and time again that lackluster Drew Brees is "the quarterback of the future." True, Flutie is 41 and may not return next season, so Brees may be the go-to guy in future seasons. But if the guy can't win games, why not let Flutie win games? Who cares about the "quarterback of the future"? What about the present? Letting some hack play the QB position just because he's the future is no way to make the playoffs. If you don't even have enough money to pay rent, does it make sense to sock away money for the future? By the same token, if Brees can't win games, what sense does it make to keep him in the game?

Flutie may very well retire at the end of this season. He played like a 21-year-old today, but he's no spring chicken. Brees, on the other hand, is an ugly duckling who's showing no signs of molting. If I were the general manager during the next off-season, I'd find out what Flutie's intentions are. If he were staying on, I'd offer him the starting position. If not, I'd find whatever money I could and get a quarterback who can win games.

Something tells me, though, that we haven't seen the last of Drew Brees.


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