November 8, 2003

By Michael Strickland

Internet Buzz

After eight hours of sitting in front of a computer with a phone headset plugged into my ear, my head's spinning with a serious case of Internet Buzz. Contrary to most days at my call center job, the phone hardly rang all day long. Tethered to a silent phone with nothing but a high-speed Internet connection to help me pass the time, I spent the last eight hours surfing all corners of the Internet. Overwhelmed with information, my head spins like a whirlwind. No thought stands still long enough for me to concentrate on anything, which leaves me pretty incapable of writing anything of worth. So perhaps a "travelogue" of where I've been on the 'net today will entertain. In no particular order....

The girls' basketball team of Leslie High School in Michigan played like the Chargers recently, getting beat 61-0. Yes, that's right, a total shutout in basketball. The girls didn't make a single basket. They even missed all the foul shots.

A French windsurfer successfully crossed the Pacific Ocean in 89 days. Incredible. Three months on a windsurfboard. Hope she had lots of sunscreen.

The city of Solana Beach wants to put "curb pop-outs" and permanent speed display radar boards along Highway 101 to slow traffic and encourage shopping. The city tries harder and harder each year to be Del Mar.

Director Peter Jackson, in a frenzy of editing to finish "Return of the King" for its Christmas release, has cut out the confrontation scene between Saruman and Gandalf. Without this key scene, Saruman basically fades into the background, a rather ignominious end for a character played up as such a major villain in "Fellowship of the Ring." After the liberal adaptations Jackson made with "The Two Towers," this news fills me with foreboding.

Buzz, the outspoken commentator on the message boards of, taught retired general and presidential wanna-be Wesley Clark a thing or two about war and politics. Buzz' razor-sharp wit is a must-read for anyone interested in the coming Circus of '04.

My friends at Total Escape will offer a January trip to the Anza-Borrego desert for an overnight visit to the slot canyons and mud caves, about which I've heard exciting things. There's no better time to visit the desert than winter, in my opinion.

With my AAA membership, I can get a 5-percent discount at Barnes& every time I shop. Too bad I do all my shopping at But it was a useful find, since my father uses for all his online book-buying.

And, best of all, a new book claims that surfing the Web on the job can actually be good for business. According to the author's research, personal Web surfing at work "can lead to better time management, stress reduction, improvement of skill sets and helping to achieve a balance between work and personal life."

I guess that makes me Employee of the Month.


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