October 29, 2003

By Michael Strickland


It seems pointless to write about anything besides the insane wildfires that have consumed much of San Diego County. Kind of like making small talk about the weather on September 12, 2001. Nearly 2,000 homes have been destroyed in the past four days, and more than 300,000 acres of land in San Diego resemble burnt toast. It's the largest fire in California history. Who can talk about anything else?

I've been lucky. About all I've had to do is clean up some of the ash that has fallen from the sky. Others have not been so lucky. My sister and her family had to flee their home on Sunday, after watching flames consume nearby houses in their neighborhood. Their house made it through intact, and they were able to return later in the day. Since then, however, they've been housebound in a home without power, phone or cable service, forced to put wet towels around the doors and windows to keep out smoke that's so thick they can't see the other side of their street. And today, they were put on notice that they might have to evacuate again at a moment's notice.

California is no stranger to natural disasters. We've had other devastating wildfires, we've seen landslides taking down beachfront homes. And of course we had a giant earthquake nearly ten years ago. But each disaster comes as a new shock. We're so used to our perfect climate, so complacent with the ease of our lives in paradise, that we forget just how powerful Mother Nature can be. Residents of other parts of the country deal with hurricanes, floods, snowstorms and much more on a constant, regular basis. They're old pros.

This disaster truly possesses monumental proportions, no doubt about it. But I think its shock value rises several notches because we're so psychologically unused to such destruction. Which perhaps is a good thing.


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