October 1, 2003

By Michael Strickland

Twenty Years

Twenty years ago today, I gained a new sister. I'm the "baby" of the family, so no, she wasn't a sister by blood. But when my brother took her hand in marriage on October 1, 1983, she became a welcome member of our family. The 20 years since have seen their share of laughter and tears, anger and bliss, making her part of our family by heart as well as in name. And even setting all that aside, she has made my brother a happy man and given us all a nephew/grandson, so she has an honored place in our family.

It seemed to be love at first sight for these googly-eyed lovebirds. They couldn't even wait for me to return from my year abroad in Honduras to get married—can you imagine? Despite this slight slight, they've treated me with love and kindness over the years, making me welcome in their home on many occasions. Today, 20 years after they exchanged vows, I offer my gratitude—and my congratulations.

Happy Anniversary!


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