September 28, 2003

By Michael Strickland

Runaway Train

Housing data in today's paper provided tangible proof of a trend I have long noted anecdotally. Here in southern California, only 26 percent of households can afford median-priced homes. The purchase of a median-priced house at today's average interest rates, with a 20-percent down payment, would require an annual income of approximately $85,000. Considering the fact that such an income is out of reach for a great many people, and fewer still can afford to put 20 percent down, it's no wonder that so few people can afford to become homeowners in this overinflated state.

Admittedly, I write this with more than a touch of bitterness, since I am one of those millions who can't afford to buy a home. Not so long ago, I brought home a great salary and lived in a condo with a $2,200 rent payment. I look back on those days and kick myself for not jumping on the runaway real estate train at a time when I could have successfully made the leap. Now, I bring home less than half of what I used to make, and cannot afford to get into a market where the median home price floats around $400,000.

With so little affordable housing out there, and the economy ostensibly still doing so poorly, I wonder who are the buyers continuing to blow hot air into this ever-expanding bubble. Equity in existing homes has of course also increased, so I imagine many of these homebuyers are existing homeowners "trading up" into bigger and more expensive homes. If one got into the real estate market as recently as a year or two ago, opportunities abound, thanks to ever-increasing home values. But for those left behind at the station, this crazy train is moving too fast to get onboard.


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