September 27, 2003

By Michael Strickland

The Seven

Ten years ago, I moved to Los Angeles to study at the most prestigious film school in the country. The glamour and excitement of studying at the same institution that produced filmmakers like George Lucas, Robert Zemeckis and Ron Howard made for a heady experience. But what made it special from the outset was the group of friends I made on my first day.

The film program at USC covered the junior and senior years, enabling one to take lower division, general education courses elsewhere and transfer into USC as a junior. That's exactly what I and six other new classmates did, unintentionally giving us something in common right from the start. When the seven of us met at orientation, we instantly bonded and became fast friends: a cornhusker from Nebraska, a comedienne from Oregon, a versatile prodigy from northern California, a local L.A. Latina, a quirky Swiss creator, a jolly upstate New Yorker, and me, a Navy vet from San Diego.

These friendships cemented and grew during our time in school, as we spent all of our class time together and worked on each others' film projects. When we graduated, we went our separate ways for a time, but largely kept in touch. Since then, most of us have continued to work and play together to some degree.

This weekend, I returned to Los Angeles to meet up with my old friends and celebrate the 10-year anniversary of our meeting. I haven't seen these excellent people as much as I would have liked in the last ten years, but our reunion felt like we'd only just graduated. We went out to dinner, hit the dance floor and drank shots like we were still in college. As we hugged each other at the end of the evening, I felt a bittersweet parting, hoping that it wouldn't be another 10 years before we all got together again.


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