September 23, 2003

By Michael Strickland

What Am I Doing at Work?

Today, a friend mentioned in an email that he was having one of those introspective, "What am I doing at work?" days. Who among us can't relate to such a sentiment? We spend much of our lives withering away in cubicles, pressing phones to our ears and talking nonsense in meetings. If we're lucky enough to have a window, we gaze longingly at the tree outside; if not, we stare at the nature scene on the wall calendar. We fantasize about exploring back roads or hiking to a waterfall while balancing budgets and writing marketing plans.

Though people like Henry David Thoreau and John Muir are proof that such "What am I doing at work?" days are nothing new, I think Thoreau would find "quiet desperation" a wholly inadequate characterization of our present-day lifestyles. I've written before about how few vacation days Americans take on average. The more "connected" this world becomes, the more "disconnected" we're becoming. The more modern conveniences we develop to make our lives "easier," the "harder" our lives in actuality become. With each passing day, the "small stuff" multiplies like bacteria, pushing away the "big stuff" until it's out of our reach.

Such lives of "ear-splitting desperation" serve as fodder for mid-life crises, gratuitous SUV purchases and year-long sabbaticals. More and more often, you hear about people giving up the rat race and grabbing the reins of their lives. They trade in their PDAs for PTAs, their keyboards for carabiners, their first-class flights for third-world missions. I'm no exception. Two years ago, barely a day went by when I didn't touch base with a client; now, barely a day goes by when I don't touch a dolphin.

Will we reach a crisis level sometime this century, when people start dropping out of society like the victims of an epidemic? Or will we finally take a lesson from most of the other civilized countries of the world, learn to take more vacation time and, for God's sake, turn off that cell phone every now and then? All work and no play doesn't just make John a dull boy, it makes him a freakin' basket case.


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