September 17, 2003

By Michael Strickland

Anything Can Happen

[Rerun day for September; this was originally posted as a New Year's message in January of 2002.]

Eleven years ago, I sat in the Combat Information Center of a U.S. aircraft carrier, searching a radar screen for any sign of hostile activity. Our warplanes were flying sorties against the Iraqis around the clock, and a tense "anything can happen" attitude weighed heavily on everyone. One of our jets had already been shot down, and standing orders required us to keep our gas masks with us at all times. The "rumor mill" pumped out doom and gloom at all hours.

Though the war ended more quickly than anyone could have guessed, and my shipmates and I arrived home to a hero's welcome, I've never forgotten that feeling of trepidation. The memory doesn't haunt me—my wartime service pales beside that of real war heroes, such as my grandfather—but it does remind me from time to time to appreciate the moment.

Last September, all Americans got a taste of what such uncertainty feels like. Terrible tragedy struck us, shook us awake in our comfortable little lives, brutally proved that, even here, "anything can happen." Now, expressions like "Happy New Year" come with a question mark.

The memory of September 11 will never fade. For some, sadly, the wounds will never heal. The world as we knew it may never "get back to normal." But hope lives on: hope that humanity can learn from this atrocity and evolve to the next stage of being. After all, "anything can happen."


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