July 15, 2003

By Michael Strickland

Bad Moon Rising

When the moon rose full as a ripe melon the other evening, I marveled at its size. Certainly, the diameter and mass of the moon does not change from month to month, but the atmospherics that night made it look swollen to the bursting point. But with all of the aggression and anxiety I've come across recently, I'm wondering if it was just an optical illusion, or if perhaps it really was a bad moon rising.

In the past few days, I've been dragged into confrontational conversations... I've found myself in the middle of other people's conflicts... I've witnessed objectionable conduct and heard hurled insults. Even friends have told me stories of unusually bad behavior that they've encountered directly and indirectly in recent days. World events, politics and the nation's economy still generally suck, so unless something's in the water, it's got to be the bloody moon.

Most surprising of all was to receive an irate email from one friend unhappy with another friend about a perceived slighting. The irate friend was generally not one to get upset, and the other was not the sort who offends people. How these two friends, who I introduced a few days ago, came to such a bizarre misunderstanding, I have no idea.

As the waning moon starts shedding its extra weight, hopefully the people around me will start calming down. There's enough bad mojo in this world without letting the full moon bring out the worst in oneself. Okay, everyone... take a deep breath... hold it... hold it... hold it... and now release it slowly. That's better, isn't it?


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