June 16, 2003

By Michael Strickland

[This is my "rerun day" for June. Following is an article written last fall about the San Diego Chargers stadium issue. Currently, the team is in discussions with the San Diego City Council about whether or not a stadium initiative will appear on the ballot in the foreseeable future.]

Qualcomm Stadium: Is San Diego Supercharged or Overcharged?

By Michael Strickland
Motions, University of San Diego School of Law
October 2002

The Chargers want a new stadium.

Over the past decade, 17 new football stadiums have sprouted up across the country. Five new stadiums opened for business this season alone. It's understandable why Chargers owner Alex Spanos wants one for his organization; everyone else is doing it.

Also understandable is the lack of public support for the issue. Just five years ago, Qualcomm Stadium underwent a $78 million renovation, $60 million of which was publicly funded. In addition, a controversial "ticket guarantee" clause in the Chargers' current contract has cost San Diego taxpayers over $28 million since 1995. Add the fact that the team hasn't had a winning record since that same year, and it becomes obvious why the organization is facing an uphill battle.

For law students, the stadium issue has something for just about everyone: contract law, sports law, property law, land use planning and more than a little local politics. At the heart of the matter is the Chargers' 1995 contract with the city, which contains a loophole that gives the organization a certain degree of leverage over the city.

In July, Mayor Dick Murphy formed the Citizens' Task Force on Chargers Issues to investigate "fiscally responsible" ways to keep the team in San Diego. A number of local attorneys serve on the task force, including Karen Heumann, a 1997 USD graduate. Next February, the task force will submit their final report to the city council.

Read the full article here.


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