May 26, 2003

By Michael Strickland

Back at the Rancho

Despite a particularly unpleasant attack of hay fever, I spent yet another fabulous weekend at the parents' heavenly Rancho del Cielo on the Central Coast. This time, I took a friend along, so I got to vicariously experience it anew. True to form, the wild turkeys were there to greet us as we arrived. Grey squirrels and stellar jays performed every morning, and curious deer watched us as we drove by to feed the neighbors' cows. The rolling hills did not glow emerald green like they did earlier in the year, but the golden waves of grass had a beauty all their own.

The hospitality, too, was as generous as always. Chuck entertained with winemaking stories while Peggy cooked up her customary magic in the kitchen. The guest room bed enveloped me like a feathery womb. And the Strickland Cellars "Patriots" vintage viognier has come a long way since I last tried it.

This was a research trip of sorts for me. We visited Pine Mountain Club (a tiny mountain hamlet above Frazier Park) and Solvang, in addition to exploring the caves of Eberle and Robert Hall wineries in Paso Robles. I took copious notes, and plan to distill most of them down into a travel article or two that I can hopefully sell to a magazine or newspaper. Working vacation though it may have been, it felt like all play and no work. Jack was definitely not a dull boy.

Now it's time to get back into the daily grind of scuba diving and swimming with dolphins. Talk about all work and no play.


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