May 21, 2003

By Michael Strickland

Writing Again

As stated previously, I resolved to post this boilerplate text by way of explanation on days where my work on other writing projects keeps me from generating fresh material for this column.

For my handful of daily readers, this might entail an occasional disappointment, similar perhaps to what one might feel when turning on a favorite TV program, only to find a previous episode being rerun. Generally, I enjoy using this forum to opine on a daily basis, so I will continue to offer up fresh opinions just about every day. But, as I've stated before, this column has always been intended as the means, not the end, to get me to write on a daily basis. Thus, by its very nature, it necessarily must take a back seat to any other writing I may do.

This may seem like a long-winded and largely unnecessary explanation, considering the majority of visitors to this daily column are not daily readers. But the explanation is as much a justification to myself as to my readership. I made a promise to write every day of this year, and I don't intend to break that vow (I should now say I "didn't" intend, since I've already done so a couple of times). If you read a "repeat" of this article on subsequent days, rest assured I'm writing elsewhere—hopefully something that you'll be able to read in print somewhere else.


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What is "The Daily Strick"?

I have long called myself a writer, but too often I don't do what a writer must do daily: write. So you, dear reader, are the beneficiary of my resolution to make a positive change in at least one area of my life. Every single day of this new year, I will write something, anything, and post it here. It is my intention to use this daily exercise to jump-start my too-long-dormant creative energies, and perhaps generate some worthwhile material this year. Hopefully you will find at least an occasional amusement or insight in my daily musings.

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