May 18, 2003

By Michael Strickland


Just a couple of days ago, I expounded upon Strickland's Law of Sequels. Never one to be short of opinions, I also feel strongly enough about sofas to have formulated the Strickland Standard for Couches. Put simply, in order to meet this stringent standard, a couch must be comfortable enough to put me to sleep without warning if I lie down on it. Whether I'm watching TV or reading a book, or just lying down for a moment to rest, I must be able to drift off to sleep in total comfort to award the couch my seal of approval.

Having said that, I failed to meet my own standard when purchasing a sofa last fall. Preparing to start law school, I was on a tight budget and chose the inexpensive IKEA model, an aesthetically pleasing but rather uncomfortable cushioned slab of unfinished pine. During that first semester of law school, perhaps it was a good thing that the couch didn't meet the Strickland Standard, since I never fell asleep on it while reading my casebooks. But I regretted the decision to buy it any time I was watching a DVD or otherwise trying to relax.

It was thus a pleasure to spend a leisurely Sunday afternoon enjoying the plush comfort of a sofa that far exceeded the Strickland Standard for Couches. In dire need of some "down time," I whiled away a do-nothing Sunday at a friend's house, where I took full advantage of this marvelous couch. I didn't spend more than ten minutes on it in a horizontal position before I was fast asleep, catching up on many nights of lost sleep with a classic Sunday afternoon nap. The experience was so pleasurable that it has inspired me to replace my substandard couch—with one that meets the Strickland Standard for Couches, of course—as soon as I can find a suitable replacement. Life is too short to lie on an uncomfortable couch.


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