May 15, 2003

By Michael Strickland

Temporary Defeat

It was bound to happen sooner or later. So far this year, I've performed very well in trying to meet my resolution to write something and post it on this site every day. And I will continue for the rest of the year to the best of my ability. But I finally missed a few days. I thought about trying to fudge it, to retroactively write and post some content in the slots for those missing days. In the end, however, I thought better of it. It would not only defeat the purpose of this project, but also prove quite impractical. If I can't find the time to write one column in a day, where am I going to find time to write several of them in one day in an effort to play catch-up?

So I've decided to admit (temporary) defeat in this battle against time, and concede that there will be occasions this year when Life intrudes and keeps me from writing. Which it should. I would hope to be able to find a spare half-hour every day for some downtime in which to write, but if the past two weeks are any indication, that may not happen every day. That may not happen for several days, as was the case this week.

Already, I have met one goal, though. The task of composing the 56,000 words since January 1 has not only improved the overall quality of my writing, but has also honed my writing discipline. In short, I've learned to write better faster. And such ability will only continue to improve as I write on a "daily" basis for the remainder of the year.

I hope to keep up to date with this daily column from this point forward. But... I also hope that Life continues to interrupt with more good times.

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One project that kept me from writing during the past couple of days was scanning and uploading all of the photos from my recent trip to Mike's Sky Ranch in Baja California. Take a moment to check out the photos at Travels to Distant [Strick]Lands... and read the travelogue if you missed it here.


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What is "The Daily Strick"?

I have long called myself a writer, but too often I don't do what a writer must do daily: write. So you, dear reader, are the beneficiary of my resolution to make a positive change in at least one area of my life. Every single day of this new year, I will write something, anything, and post it here. It is my intention to use this daily exercise to jump-start my too-long-dormant creative energies, and perhaps generate some worthwhile material this year. Hopefully you will find at least an occasional amusement or insight in my daily musings.

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