May 8, 2003

By Michael Strickland

Yes, I Am a Nerd

O "Star Trek," how do I love thee? Let me count the ways....

Thy Kobayashi Maru solution astounds, friend Kirk. And Spock, trusted sidekick, thy passionless logic, evinced in such phrases as "Edith Keeler must die," cuts through the fog of human emotion. Bones, thou might be a doctor, not an engineer, but Scotty could perform the most complex surgery on the Enterprise's warp engines in mere minutes (though he always claimed to need more time). Chekov, thy swagger amuses. Sweet Uhura, always fond memories. And Sulu, I hope to see thee man the bridge of the Excelsior again.

And Jean-Luc Picard? What nobler successor to James Tiberius Kirk? Thy crownéd dome shines brighter than Venus herself. No finer acting has been seen on the "Star Trek" stage. Cocksure Riker, Number One, thou couldst even charm the most foul tempered Talosian. Data, my hero. And blind-as-a-bat Geordi LaForge? Many thanks for canning the corny visor. Beautiful Troi, thou knowest what I'm thinking, so no need to state it here. Beverly Crusher, I'll be thy patient anytime. And Worf, thy loyalty sets a fine example to Trekkies everywhere.

Sisko, Emissary, perhaps least known of the "Trek" captains, thou still stood strong against all odds. And at thy side, fiery Kira Nerys, whose electric charm crackled like a molecular phase inverter. Trusty O'Brien had Scotty's ingenuity and Worf's dedication. Quark, keep it up, thou wilst pull one over on Odo one of these days. And debonair Julian, if not Jadzia, if not Ezri, maybe thou wilst get lucky with a future Dax.

Thou brought a perfect balance of grace and strength to the captain's chair, Kathryn Janeway. With Chakotay's spirituality and Tuvok's rationality, thou ledst thy people home. Harry Kim, may thee finally get that promotion. And B'Elanna Torres? Tom Paris is a lucky man. Happy Neelix, thy cuisine was creative if not delectable. Dear Doctor, thou certainly assembled a massive ego with nothing but photonic particles. And Seven of Nine... well, I'll see thee again in my dreams.

And now, Captain Archer, thou bringest to the stars a childlike sense of wonder. With T'Pol, Tucker, Reed and the others, thou goest boldly once again.

Yes, I am a nerd. But "Star Trek" has been with me my entire life (literally—the very first episode aired the day after I was born). And the best of "Trek," like the best of science fiction in general, deals with contemporary issues and themes in a contemplative and insightful way. The sci fi franchise doesn't just explore strange new worlds, it also delves deep into this world, the here-and-now. May it continue to go boldly for many years to come.


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