April 22, 2003

By Michael Strickland

Earth Day

Today marks the thirty-third observance of Earth Day. Historically, the day showcases events designed to increase awareness of environmental issues. Senator Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day in 1970 to thrust such issues into the political arena, where they had long been ignored. Great strides have been made since then. It thus seems a natural opportunity to publicize an environmental issue I only recently caught wind of.

The California State Senate, in their usual infinite wisdom, is considering a measure—SB281—that would virtually eliminate every single marine reserve in California, at least with regard to recreational fishing. Specifically, the bill, if passed, would allow "rod and reel" fishing anywhere in California waters. Yes, that means you could cast out a line in La Jolla Cove, Monterey Bay or any other currently protected area.

The logic behind this bill is classic flawed reasoning, so common in politics, where politicians will say just about anything, no matter how absurd, to get a bill signed into law. The argument goes, since it cannot be proven that rod and reel fishing is the cause of the depletion of many species of fish in California waters, it should not be banned anywhere. This makes as much sense as legalizing narcotics because it cannot be proven that their sale and distribution causes crime. Recreational fishing is surely not the only cause, nor is it the primary cause, of the depletion of fish species, but obviously one depletes the fish stock by at least one animal by casting in a line and hauling up a fish.

What makes it obvious that this bill simply caters to special interests is its limitation to "rod and reel" fishing. Under the bill, spearfishing by snorkelers and scuba divers would still be prohibited in marine reserves. If there's no threat to animal species from recreational fishing by rod and reel, what's wrong with recreational fishing by spear gun or Hawaiian sling?

I'm not an activist, so I won't urge you to contact your state senator. If you feel strongly enough about the issue—one way or the other—after researching it, by all means do so. I just felt the need to get the word out before I start getting tangled in anglers' monofilament line as I scuba dive through the beautiful kelp forests and reefs of the state's marine reserves.

[Editor's Note: I just found out that the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Wildlife voted down this bill 3-6 today (interesting timing), so in the end I have written about nothing—not that that has ever stopped me.]


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